And life goes on…

Knitting has been slow around here lately.  The kids house work and taking care of a friend’s farm have kept me busy.  I love taking care of the “critters” though!



These are just some of my buddies at the farm, and they vary all very entertaining.  

I have finished plum rain, and love it, but have no pictures yet.  I made a pair of socks for my husbands God daughter, which she loved.  She has cf and was in the hospital fighting a lung infection, she is such a little toughie! 

Work continues on ferdy,  slowly but surely.  That sweater takes so much space on my lap!  I use a tablet to count rows, to keep track of when to increase,  the book with the pattern, and copious notes to track increases and what pattern row I am on.  This is not a convenient or quick knit, but it is definitely beautiful!  I am nearly half way finished the sleeves now.

And finally, a pair of socks for me on the needles!  The last few pairs have been given away; which I admit, hurts just a little. 


Hermione everyday socks, knit in juniper moon farm her riot fine, a scrumptious blend of baby alpaca and nylon.  I can not attest to how these will hold up to being worn, but my gosh, they are soft and gorgeous!  I have a sweater planned for some of this yarn and can not wait, but must get ferdy’s sleeves finished before I start, or ferdy is done for!


Also on the needles is a mistake rib cowl for me from the plum rain leftovers.  And yup, there are mistakes!  I think one is visible near the bottom of that picture.

I also recently got my second tattoo in memory of Mommy Jo,  my amazing grandmother who I lost nearly six years ago.   She was a force of nature and beloved by all, and the source of the “happy day” at the end of all my posts. It was her way of saying goodbye.


Happy day,


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