I had a nice post ready on Sunday morning, but for some reason it would not upload.  I eventually removed and reinstalled word press on my phone, so here’s hoping it goes!

On Saturday we did all kinds of running around, then fishing (knitting) for me.  For Easter we met whatever of my extended family was around for a hike (fishing for my husband) in Delaware water gap, the on to dinner at our cabin.  Awesome weekend!

Skip a few days where mommy duties take over, with knitting sprinkled in.  I finally had a chance to go to sit and knit at my LYS this morning, where I finished the mistake rib cowl, albeit a bit short.  I was sick to death of working on it!

I should also be able to finish my Hermione socks tonight!  Dinner is in the crock pot, dessert is made and my husband is meeting his brother tonight, so I get to stay up lye watching Netflix and knitting.  Yay me!!  Just another inch or two to get to toe decreases.

I also decided which pattern to use for the item I’m donating for my aunt’s  fundraiser.

Of course I now don’t remember it’s name, but it is on ravelry.

This is the yarn I selected for this pattern.  I think it will be very pretty, and cheerfully neutral.

Happy day,


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