Testing 7 8 9

Hopefully this will work!  A quick visit to the ATT store has hopefully gotten my issues with my phone fixed, once and for all.  I do nearly everything on my phone anymore, so it not working properly is highly frustrating.

I have finished my Hermione socks, and am in love!  Without even closing up the toes, totally in love!  I’ll sew them up tomorrow, so they are ready for the colder weather on Sunday.


I also finished the mistake rib cowl (I think I recall it being a pattern from purl soho).  I made it a bit shorter, with dk weight instead of worsted, on size 4 needles.  I wanted a fit that was more snug than the pattern is written for.  I came out perfect!


I also just started this shawl


It’s on ravelry.com, and honestly, I just looked, and am pretty sure it’s called remember when.  If I’m wrong I apologize to the designer!  Who I, of course, fail to recall right now.  Sad how forgetful I am!  Anyway,  this is how the very beginning looks:


It is definitely in its infancy!  I just want to stay up all night and work on it, but am exhausted tonight.  Darn it!

Well, I’m wishing myself luck that this post goes through.  If it doesn’t, it’s back to the ATT store after work tomorrow to have my new phone replaced.  The store is an hour away, across town, through lots of traffic.  *sigh*

Happy day,


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