Sneaky little picots

Yup.  That’s right,  these picots snuck up on me.  I’ve never done knitted picots before.  I’ve often shied away from projects that had a picot edging.  I always felt they would annoy me and I’d end up frogging everything.


But look, there they are, looking all cute and refined.  Mind you, this is an end to end shawl, so the picots are worked every few rows and are forming the bottom edge.  Technically, they are not being worked as a separate edge, but I like them, and won’t be afraid of them anymore. 


I also am loving the colors in this yarn.  I tend not to pay much attention to the color changes as I knit.  I just knit on, wanting to see what happens next in the pattern.  This may be a hard one to give away.

Happy day,


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