Change of plans


Instead of being used for the June fundraiser for my aunt’s  office, I’m getting this shawl finished as quickly as possible to be used for a particular patient of theirs.  There is a go fund me account for the patient, and she will need help.  It kinda tugs the heartstrings!

I will be making a different item for the big fundraiser, and have no idea what!  Any suggestions will be welcome.

Happy day,


2 thoughts on “Change of plans

  1. Aw, how kind of you! I’ll be watching to see what suggestions you get for the fundraiser. I’ve been asked to donate a few times and never have any idea what would sell well enough.

  2. Just make what you want. I decided on shawls because they have some size to them and people may feel they’re getting a good value. Last year I did Bay of Fundy.

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