Fun things

Our new horse arrived at the barn last night.  He hasn’t got a name yet, but we have a few under consideration.  Suggestions are welcome!


I finished my bark socks (designed by kiwiyarns)(I don’t know how to highlight that!)  Love them.  Also started Mary Mary,  by kiwiyarns, what a fun and pretty pattern.


Getting two toe up socks on the needles was new for me, but I made it work….somehow!!  I can see several pairs of these in my future, for sure.

I also started a simple lace weight garter stitch wrap/scarf type thing.  I had one ball of knit picks gypsy tonal and want to use up those oddball skeins.


It will block out to a pretty generous size, since I’m knitting it on size 10 needles.  I don’t know where it will end up, but it will find a home eventually.

I also bought for myself (that’s right, specifically for me), three more skeins of juniper moon farms herriot fine in granite.  It will become Ley Lines,  for me!!  Next weekend my husband and I are taking a long weekend near Lake Ontario.  This will be my travel project for the car ride (about 4 hours) and while he’s fishing and I’m tired of fishing.


I’m off to work early to play with the new horse!

Happy day, Shannon


One thought on “Fun things

  1. Your new horse looks like a sweetie! I have to say after looking at my own Mary, Marys for so long, it is quite a surreal experience seeing them knit by someone else. Thank you for choosing them! Enjoy your fishing/knitting time!

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