Decisions made

As you know, I’ve been plugging away on ferdy whenever I’ve had a few quiet hours in which I could concentrate and count.  Those times were coming much less often in the last few months, so off to time out ferdy went. He sat there quietly, not the least bit of reproach emanating from him.  I felt much more relaxed while ferdy was in exile.  I realized how unhappy this sweater was making me and made my mind up.

After speaking to the recipient and getting his ok, I decided to rip it all out.  Every stitch,  every cable, every rib, and start over.

I have a few options, but am leaning most to following the dimensions of ferdy, but doing it in a simple 3×3 rib, entirely.

We are going away for the weekend, so I won’t be ripping anything out until next week.  Plenty of time to finalize my plans for this sweater.

In the meantime I cast on Ley Lines and finished the first section.


Here is the yummy yarn all caked and ready.  This was actually the very first thing I did to get ready for this trip


I should make a lot of progress over the weekend.

Happy day,


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