Life goes on

It’s been busy around here lately.   End of the school year events and celebrations.  Work is getting busier with the warm weather, which means some days I’m too tired to breathe, let alone knit.  My oldest, Zack has graduated, is now working and planning a move to Colorado. Oh, horse shopping took a lot of time too.


Zacks graduation lunch at a favorite spot.


Handsome Levi, the newest addition to the barn

I finished my Mary Mary socks.  I finished my birthday shawl, whose name escapes me right now, deigned by joji locatelli. I love it, and am so happy I made this for myself.


Terrible picture, but I was excited!

Ferdy has hit the frog pond, thank goodness.  I’ve begun Hidden Light, a much simpler cardigan, basically a broken rib pattern.  The back was finished inside of two weeks, and I’ll be casting on the fronts soon. 

My newest project is nearly finished, a lace weight shawl made in Freya fine handpaints.  The color is enchanting. 


I have another ball of this in pinks, browns and greens.  It may become another Annis, like the one above.

Life does seem to be settling into a rhythm that is easier to take head on.  Three of my four kids has found work for the summer, the other has grown gills and spends all of her time at the pool.  Today I have planned a date with my kayak on a small local pond, if it gets warmer than 50 degrees, that is.  Hopefully I will have more time for my knitting and my blog now, I miss both.

Happy day,


4 thoughts on “Life goes on

  1. Welcome back! πŸ™‚ Sounds like a fun time at your house lately, and in spite of what you say, plenty of knitting got accomplished. πŸ™‚

    • I feel like I’ve been trying to run through mud backward, lol! I do manage to knit every day, but some of these projects feel never ending. Always worth the time in the end!

  2. Nice projects. I still have Mary Mary socks on my needles. The shawl is Ley Lines. I’ve worn mine loads since I finished it. It’s such a good size. Yours is lovely. Your Annis will look beautiful in that gradient yarn. πŸ™‚

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