Incredible weekend

Yesterday started with me picking my car up from the shop.  A few weeks ago the fuel pump fuse blew, making it necessary to replace the fuel pump.  I decided to have the struts done at the same time, since it’s really hard living where I do without a reliable vehicle.   Got home and my husband, Chloe and I headed to asbury park, new Jersey to the punk rock bowling festival.  (That’s right, I am a huge punk fan, and love going to see live bands!)  Two bands that I’ve always wanted to see, and in 30 years never had the opportunity played yesterday.  I was in heaven!!


That is dag nasty.


The descendents, one of my all time and forever favorites!


And h20, a band of saw play twenty years ago, and finally got to see again…

We had an awesome time, and ended the night with hoagitos on the boardwalk.  If you’re ever in Asbury park, I highly recommend  getting a hoagito.  You won’t regret it!

Today I dragged myself out of bed, packed my kayak up and headed to the river.  I recently discovered that our local public transport runs a FREE kayak and bike shuttle all through the state Park.  How awesome is that?  I kayaked 10 miles today, seeing 3 herons, a bald eagle, a snake swimming the river, some Canadian geese and lots of fish.  It was glorious!  Of course, I may not be able to move tomorrow, but that’s okay.  I didn’t get to take many pictures, there was a tremendous head wind which meant I had to paddle the entire way or I was going to head back upstream.  Here is a shot I managed to get, though.  Enjoy!


Now I’m home, half asleep on the couch, watching bad horror flicks with the husband and trying to maintain my ability to count to 2.  The reversible cable rib wrap:


Happy day,


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