Rainy day fun


I’ve been working diligently on the right front of Hidden Light this week.  Almost there, but I have another ball of  gorgeous gradient lace weight I am dying to knit up, so am rewarding myself by putting this cardigan front away for the day.

I’ve also blocked Annis.  Wow, I did nupps, and really, they were no big deal.  I Duesseldorf I’m so used to doing crochet bobbles that they felt natural.  Go me!!



I’ve also done just enough laundry so I can say I did SOMETHING productive today, and picked up the makings for Cheeseburger wraps for dinner.  I really needed this down time today, I’ve been so busy lately that I’m running on empty.  Also I’ve been a bit stressed out.  Our pony has foundered, a bone in both front feet has shifted, which is serious but treatable, with a good prognosis.  Along with foundering the little twerp has an insulin resistance which is off the charts, so basically seriously hypoglycemic.   He has two months of stall rest ahead of him, and a life time of meds to balance his glucose levels.  Poor guy.  His spirits are high, and he’s getting ornery being in his stall, which is good, because it means he’s not in excruciating pain.  Gotta look for that silver lining, right?


There he is, in all his cuteness.

Happy day,


3 thoughts on “Rainy day fun

  1. Freddie is a cutie! He’s feeling a bit better, and is happier since we put together a small pen so he can be near all his buddies during the work day.

    And thank you!

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