Yarn chicken

We’ve all played yarn chicken a time or dozen.  Usually I lose and end up ripping back, or completely,  to start something new.  This time, eyeballing my wool, I just changed up the plan a bit and went with it.


Another shawl in the freia fine handpaints ombre that I have been intrigued with lately. This yarn just fascinates me!  I need more, in other colors, for more shawls.  Never mind I don’t have use for a shawl, and there are only so many my mom and aunts can wear, but for now, I’m having fun.  Maybe I’ll open up an etsy shop.

As I reached the end of the yarn I was worried there wouldn’t be enough to bind of, so I just ended that crescent shape and cast of.


There was enough left for maybe one more row!  But I won, unwinnable as it seemed.


Here it is blocking on my daughters bed.  It is so pretty, so light and floaty.  And so BIG, i couldnt fit it all on her bed or in the viewfinder!  I am so enjoying lace weights right now.  Sweater that needs to be worked on be damned!


Now back to this, number two of eight wedding shawls for daughters and nieces.  And the sweater, when I need something speedy to knit.

Happy day


2 thoughts on “Yarn chicken

  1. So pretty! My current yarn chicken is definitely a loss. Turns out I started a project that called for 1200 yards with only 700 yards in my stash?? What was I even thinking?!?

    • Oh, I’ve done that, lol, many times. My problem was I changed how to do the crescent part and didn’t think about all the extra rows I’d have to do to account for the changes. It worked, I like it.

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