Half a fail

Looks good there,  doesn’t it?  It sure does.  But I jumped the gun, worried I’d run out of yarn before I could realize what was in my head.  So I, against my better judgement, decided to begin my short rows.  I won’t show you a picture, it’s embarrassing…but I learned a few things.

1.  Make sure I have plenty of yarn on hand,  not just 460 yards.
2.  When I think the bottom portion is long enough, keep going, about another foot.

3.  Listen to my gut.

4. Winging it is fun, but needs a bit more thought.

My plan is to buy another ball of this yarn, rip back to the “waves” section and making that longer, by alot. I forgot to take into account that making a crescent from a rectangle will make said rectangle smaller, by alot.  It came out the size of an apron.  While not quite what I was going for, but it shows me my idea should work, with some adjustments.  

I have tossed the whole thing into the Cedar chest often seen in my photos to rest until I can get more yarn.  Might be a week, might be months, I don’t know.  

So, not a total loss, or abject failure.  A learning experience, one in which I grew a bit as a knitter.   Not bad for a first attempt.

Happy day 



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