A little progress here, a little frogging there

And a wee finished piece here, or almost.  This is Azel, made from a friend’s baby.  Just needs buttons and the ends woven in.  It’s cute, and little, made with super bulky wool, and it took FOREVER!  I definitely do not enjoy knitting baby things.  Completely illogical, right?  I just don’t find that kind of thing fun, no idea why, but I don’t.   

This is am finding tons of fun!!  It’s cabled rib shawl, and I have fallen on love with it.  Love the ribbing (not sure why, usually I get bored with ribbing quickly), adore those big lazy cables.  And I am completely infatuated with the look, and feel of it.  This one came close to being frogged, I was unhappy with it, but pushed through and fell in love.  It has grown about six inches since I took that picture the other day.  I had to force myself to put it down, I really need to get some work done on that shawl collar cardigan.

Speaking of which, I frogged the armhole/neck decreases on the right front.  I realized that I had brilliantly started the decreases on the WRONG side.  It was nearly finished, but a-frogging I went.  I need to put a huge push on this, I want it done, and it will never get there if I don’t actually knit on it!  Damn knitting fairies have been ignoring me!  Today will be spent working on it, in between errands and general running around, which may include a trip to my LYS.

Aside….remember my son had gotten into trouble?  It is finished.  He has completed all of the requirements set forth by the juvenile court and has been off probation for a month.  I am so relieved.

Aside 2…..our pony is recovering very nicely.  His feet don’t seem to be sore anymore, and he has energy to spare.  He has busted out of his stall and his small enclosure several times now.  This thrills me!!  The only experience I’ve had with founder, the condition plaguing him right now, ended with the loss of the horse.  Needless to say, I was terrified for our Freddie. 

Happy day 



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