Boneyard procrastination

A Boneyard shawl I started and finished in the last week.  I used some alpaca I had here from my (honorary, I was 14 when I realized she wasn’t actually my mom’s sister) aunt, whose sister raises alpacas and knits with the fiber.  Apparently said sister doesn’t part easily with her fiber, since I got one hank each of these two colors.  Sometime next week this will be blocked and sent out to my aunt Bobbie.  I really hope she likes it. 

I have pretty much decided, right now, to wind these two up and make another Boneyard shawl.  On size sevens, I think.  Should give me a nice, soft, drapey shawl, and hopefully big enough.

All to avoid sleeves.  Halfway finished sleeves.  I think the color bores me a bit, is a little too neutral for my taste.  

EnterprisiEnterprise I don’t know why that word is there.  I must have touched something.

I’ll leave it at that.

Happy day 



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