Knitting….what knitting?

Story of my life, lately!!  I have no idea where my time is going, but it hasn’t been spent knitting, at least not much.  Work has been insane, you’d think people have never seen a horse before.  Sports have started for my two athletes.  Last week was spent taking care of a friend’s Farm while they were away.  And I pulled together a rodeo a week and a half ago, on the hottest day in a miserable string of hot days.  Knotting has fallen by the wayside to my frustration.   I get very cranky when I don’t get enough knotting time in a day.

The end of the the knitting drought is in sight, though.  School starts next week, so tomorrow is the last day I have to do the 25 mile round trip to the school. My friends came home last Saturday, so no extra Farm duties  (and don’t misunderstand, I love taking care of her animals!  The goats expecially, and the peanut chicks are cool).  Labor day weekend marks the end of crazy busy at work and we knock back to just busy.  And on labor day, as soon as I can get away from work I’m heading to the outer Banks to spend the remainder of the week with my husband and kids.

I can not wait.  I love the outer Banks.  It is one of my most favorite places, ever.  We have no real plans for while we’re down there.  Lots of lounging, family time, beach time and fishing.  That, dear friends, translates to knitting time.  Of course, I have to figure out what to pack.  Luckily, my stash is kind of small right now, so the decision can’t be huge.  One thing that coming is this.  A baby blanket for a friend, made with a delicious blend of alpaca,wool and silk.  I’m off no, to finally knit for a little while before bed. 

Happy day,



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