Good super early morning!!  I am trying something different so all of my text doesn’t get eaten by the photos.

EJ and I arrived in Nags head last night just in time for sunset.  And what a gorgeous sunset it was!  These pictures really don’t do justice to the beauty that was last night.  He drove most of the way down, he has his learners permit, and didn’t discuss well, only scaring me a couple of times.  We also enjoyed our time alone together.  Having four kids, even bigger ones makes that hard!  I relaxed enough by the time we were driving through Delaware that I was able to do some knitting.  Didn’t get far, but I got past the halfway point of a beautiful baby afghan.

My husband had dinner ready…a steak cooked to perfection  (please, read that nearly mooing at me), seasoned potatoes and baked beans, and my current favorite adult soda (Henry’s orange).  As soon as I was out of the car the girls and I ran up the dune and onto the beach.  The waves are incredible.  Thank you, Hermine, for not hurting this place, and for the show of power.  Dinner happened, then a walk on the beach and soak in the hot tub.  Much going out on the deck to listen to the ocean happened, some knitting…and being woken up and sent to bed.

Today will bring pier fishing, adventures unknown and more knitting.   Now, almost time to see who wants to watch the sunrise with me.

Happy day 



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