Knitting, fishing an sunrises

This mornings sunrise

Eric caught a fiesty little ray

Tuesday’s sunrise from nags head beach

The baby blanket for a friend

A lace weight Boneyard shawl

And a nice fluke

Wednesday’s sunrise from jennette’s pier

We have been busy!!  Fishing, crabbing, tons of beach time.  Time alone, time together.  Everything a vacation is supposed to be.  

Knitting has been happening, too.  I have the baby blanket for knitting when I’m at the house, relaxing or figuring out the next move of the day.  It’s getting a little too big to be easily portable, so house knitting is perfect!  I’m about half way through it now, and have a bit of time and have a bit of time this morning.  Everyone is still sleeping, and it’s raining.  The rain should be gone in an hour or so and the day will begin!

The Boneyard shawl is something I cast on a little while ago, just to have something simple on the needles.  I’ve been taking this one with me for fishing trips. I don’t fish often, but love going with my husband.  This is the perfect project, being lace weight it is small and light, being an easy pattern I don’t need anything extra!!

Sadly, no knitting in the wild pics.  The wind hasn’t been exactly gentle this week, and I know I’d drop something if I tried.  Just know, when we were on that pier, I knitted.  Hanging on the beach, that’s right, knitting!

Happy day 



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