The end is nigh!

The sash is 3 feet long, thinking six feet is enough.  Going to slap a single crochet border on since there are no button bands and drown, I mean wash, and block this monster. I will make little loops for the sash and sew them on when I give this to its new owner.  I’m off today, and except getting a new wee tattoo I will be home.

The next project is planned, the wool arrived yesterday.

I have wanted a hooded sweatshirt looking sweater for 5 years, since I saw tins of them in Ireland.  I did make one, never having knitted a sweater before. Needless to say, that sweater is a mess, way to big,frontage back mixed up, and cotton.  I ended up taking off the hood and pocket and just wear it around the house.  I love that sweater, in all its uneven sloppiness because of all that I learned while making it.  I am fairly confident this one will turn out better.

Happy day 



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