Moving right along

I have been in hibernation mode for the last little while, but no worries, knitting has been happening.  last week I needed some instant gratification, so whipped out a few hats and a Christmas stocking.

Those will be given away, I’m sure, to various kids.  they were all done in various worsted weight yarn, some wool, some acrylic.

I was asked to finish a crochet afghan by a dear friend, for her daughter, as her mother can no longer manage it.  I said sure, thinking I’d only have to finish it.  this is what I got.

May I please mention my passionate dislike of granny squares?  And an equal dislike of sewing said grannies together?  can’t stand it!  I am trying to come up with an alternate plan that this young lady will be happy with.  any suggestions will be more than welcome!!  granny afghan suggestions okay, too.  Though I did see a really cool knit blanket that looks a bit like a starburst, so that may be my choice.

I have been working on a mama sized Azel pullover for a friend (That’s the grey monster) to match the tiny one I did for daughter.  she likes that matchy matchy stuff, and they will look adorable.  The blue in there is the hoodie I’ve been working on.  I’m a little more than halfway through the seaming, then the hood.  I might be able to wear this baby over the weekend!   

I love when the seaming goes smoothly, means I didn’t forget how to count or knit along the way!  the pattern is from redheart, hooded pullover, I think, is the name.  very easy to follow.  The yarn is a dk superwash, and of course the label has disappeared.

So, the plan for today?   seam that sweater up, knit the hood, drink coffee and binge watch something on Netflix.  this is my last weekend off for the next few months and I hope to clear some of these processes, so I  an cast on more.

Happy day 



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