Making progress

I found this pair of fingerless gloves in my work basket to finish up.  Just four fingers to go.  they are a little odd and weirdly shaped, but I was too lazy to follow a pattern when I started them last year, and they are for work, so don’t have to be pretty. working with horses is tough on gloves!

I also unearthed this stocking I started for my daughter last year and got bored with.  Mint baby poo green is not a favorite of mine.  The pattern at the top, though hard to see due to the color, is of two reindeer.  Finished that yesterday.

This is a box stich corner to corner afghan for my brother in law.  I promised to make him one over twenty years ago, so, finally paying up!  Of course, I have to run to my LYS tomorrow for more yarn.  such a hard thing to do!  While there I also have to get buttons for the Azel pullover I finally finished knitting for a friend.

Still plugging away on my lace weight projects, but I’m okay with them taking awhile!

Happy day , 



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