Falling down the rabbit hole

Yup.  I fell.  I fell hard.  Apparently the current projects aren’t enough, and I did this today.

While at Walmart to pick up a few things I wandered into the yarn aisle…big mistake.  I was looking idly at the yarn, specifically stated the bulky yarns.  A conversation with my older daughter, Katie, played through my head.  And there it was, exactly the color combination we had just talked about, grey and burgundy.  Before  could think I grabbed all the balls of each color (lion brand hometown usa).  I decided to hold the yarn double, which is giving me a very lush fabric.  I cast on 70 stitches and am nearly through all the yarn I bought, and think I need two more of each color. That will give me 90 rows and should be close to 7 feet long.  I’m doing this blanket in garter stich, so it has some elasticity, and is thick and warm, though I think the stitches will relax quite a bit when washed.  I may not actually bind off before washing, just throw some waste yarn in the live stitches and knot it together, to see where this thing measures out.  Wish me luck!

I have already decided to do one for each of the kids ( there are 4 of them) and my husband for Christmas.  There is the second rabbit hole, I always decide I’m not knitting for Christmas, and end up knitting like a mad woman right around now.  Every year.  you would think I would know this about myself and start earlier!

Happy day , 



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