Well, since I’ve fallen…

I finished two chunky blankets:

One for each of my daughters.  I have also started the third, of five I want to finish for Christmas.

This one is for my husband, who has wanted a Flyers blanket for ages.  Two birds with one stone!  I get to knit huge blankets, and he gets his Flyers blanket.  I already have the yarn for one sons blanket, just one more giant pile of yarn to buy and all done.

Last week I ordered a sweater worth of wool from Knitpicks.com, and my neighbor picked it up for me at the post office this morning. Oh, you’d like to know why someone had to get it for me?  Because my *@&#^=of a car blew a head gasket.  Which makes me without a car, on top of a mountain, right before Christmas.  How awesome is that?  Never fear, though, the car that was bought for my son has been sitting around waiting for him to get his license, so four new tires around and an inspection will have me mobile again.  Maybe next week or so. I digress, I am seriously thinking about casting on for this sweater today or tomorrow.  

I have made a rounded big dent in my WIPs pile, with only a slipper and some fingers left to knit.  The two lace projects are long term projects and I’m good with that.  Neither project is urgently needed, so they can take and while.

On that note, I’m going to get some more rows in on this giant blanket before my husband gets home and I have to hide it.

Happy day , 



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