It has arrived!

Sort of…..the giant wool I ordered has, according to the tracking info, arrived at my local post office.  I want to go get it now!  Shipping took about 5 weeks in total, which I don’t feel is ridiculously long from the Ukraine to the Poconos. 

I don’t have picks yet, as the giant wool is still at the post office.  I’m also not sure how im getting the wool….both my and the backup car are down.  Mine with a blown head gasket, the other is still in the shop.  I’ve been nearly two weeks without any car, and about two months dealing with car problems.   Sorry for whining, but it does get frustrating.  Especially right before Christmas.   

Back to the wool.  I originally ordered a medium grey, but that wouldn’t have shipped until last week, so changed the color to a silver blue, which was available.  I also have a co-worker attempting to make me giant needles.  I’ll let you know how they turn out, and hopefully, if I understand the process, how they were made.  He is making two sets, one is going to be 1 1/4 inch diameter, the other set will be at a two inch diameter.  

In actual knitting news, 4 of the 5 chunky blankets for the husband and kids are finished.   They have come out well, and are seriously warm, heavy and comfy.  Hope they like them.  No pictures, stealth knitting and all that.  I am also on the first sleeve on the Harbour Pullover I’m knitting for myself.

Absolutely love how this is turning out.  I also absolutely adore the pretty stitch markers from knitty by nature’s etsy shop.  You should go take a look, they are fun and practical!

I’ve also been making a few messy Bun hats.  They are terrific!

Happy day,



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