And here it is….

Here are my hand crafted needles.  I bought two 2inch by 48 inch dowels, and handed them over to one of the maintenance guys at work.  He cut, lathed, sanded and varnished them, with nothing more than a picture I showed him.  They ended up being about 34 inches long, and not a snaggly, catchy bit on them.  Perfection!

Here is the ball of merino roving I began with.  I did split the entire length in half, to get more yardage, as I wanted a bigger blanket.

Figuring things out.took a few tries, but finally got what I wanted.

A terrible pic, but it was a snowy evening, and I was nearly asleep.  I can cover up under this thing and be tasty warm!  Love it, and will be ordering more giant wool as soon as I can!


6 thoughts on “And here it is….

    • This may have been the MOST fun I’ve ever had knitting! I don’t know if it was the novelty of it or the anticipation, but I had an absolute blast! I cannot wait to buy more giant yarn.

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