Other projects 

A feather and fans baby blanket, made upon request.  Love love love feathers and fans patterns!  Hate the gooey pink, but that’s what was wanted.  

A super bulky feather and fan blanket, in lion brand wool ease thick and quick, color; oatmeal.  I adore this one!  I can see several more in my near future….if I could just get my hands on more yarn.  I cleared Walmart out of it, and last I checked it hadn’t been restocked.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get it on Friday. 

I also knit a quick hat for my husband, and several messy Bun hats over the last few weeks.  No pictures of those.

I also finished the Grain shawl.  It was beautiful,  and I totally forgot to take pictures of it I  was so happy to give it to the lovely lady it was for.  She loved it, and declared it perfect!

I also, finally, as a knitting pallette cleanser, began a scrappy sock weight 10 stitch blanket.  I have so much leftover fingerings weight laying around I figured I’d best get to it.  I also don’t have any projects pressing on me currently, though I do plan to start my next sweater soon, but not yet.  I’m hoping this pushes me to make more socks, also, so I can watch this bit of fun knitting grow.

That’s it for me, life is going on, I have around car I can drive around gain, finally.  My dog is aboutto give birth, the kids and the man are all well, the horses are fat lazy and happy.

Happy day, 



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