The pile is shrinking 

I have five pups left in my house; my sister came and stole her little girl on monday.

That’s Stella, in the pic above.  Three more left yesterday, so that leaves me with five.  Two are leaving tonight, one tomorrow and the other today or tomorrow.   Leaving me with my see Loki,  whom I can not wait to spoil shamelessly!

A dear friend gave me this over the weekend.  She saw it and knew it was perfect for me!  Isn’t that just awesome?   And my husband bought me flowers yesterday, because they look neat and its st. Daddy’s day. Just grocery store green carnations, but sweet all the same.  My husband stopped buying me flowers 19 years ago, when Zack was born.  At that time my best friend ran a flower shop and was horrified that Eric bought me two dozen roses for Zack’s birth, ( he was born on February 11), so paid a ridiculous amount of money for said flowers.  It’s been a running joke since.

I managed, over five days, to cast off my grain shawl.  Im afraid the shawl suffered a bit from pulled stitches.  Puppy teeth are sharp!  It will be blocked and repaired when there are less pups around.

I’ve been working a little on my socks, and pulled out my worsted scrap 10 stitch blanket last night.  I can knit in the tiniest bites of time, so figured the scrap blanket is a safe bet, no keeping track of where I am!

Happy day,



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