Can you see it? 

Needless to say the reversible cables rib wrap hit the frog pond the other day.  Do you see that enormous mistake I made counting rows?  I nearly cried!  I did try to pull it out to a fixable place, but this yarn was not having it.  At 50 percent wool and silk, I wasn’t surprised.  So frogging I went.

I decided to not start over, because, frankly, as mich as I love the pattern, it was a bit of a slog.  Slow going and easy to lose my place.  I decide instead to knit Twist Shawl, by Andrea Hilton. I love it, so far.  I’m getting to the point where I have 300 stitches on the needles, and doing this in lace weight, I’ll have alot more by the time the wingspan is long enough.  

This is much larger now, but I’m working on socks today, and don’t feel like pulling it out right now.

Dragonfly socks, such a quick pattern, and easily memorized.  My favorite kind!  This is the second of the pair, and they are flying along.  I’m hoping to get through the gusset today.

Speaking of today, it’s my birthday.  And I can’t do anything I would normally enjoy doing, because of this stupid shoulder pain.  Therapy is going along (I still have to do my exercises today, which always makes the pain worse).  Normally I’d take the dogs on a nice long walk, go on a hike or go kayaking.  All out.   So I will stay home, knit and Netflix.  It could be worse!

I am fighting off the urge to hit my LYS for some birthday goodies, but am trying to resist. I have enough yarn for several projects, some big and some socks.  And I can’t think of anything I want special right now, not wool and not a project.  So o shall refrain… least for the moment.  The day is young!

Happy day,



15 thoughts on “Can you see it? 

  1. Happy birthday! So sorry about the frog, but the new shawl looks lovely, and so do the socks. If you cave and get a skein or two of birthday yarn, I will back you up that it was completely necessary in order to recover from shoulder pain. 🙂

      • lol That is EXACTLY what I have, but I have rationed my sock knitting out this year, so it will make it through the end of the year. One sock per month. Crazy, I know, but it saves money. 🙂

      • I’m not sure I can do that, lol. My stash is little, and nearly all the yarn is earmarked for a project…..except socks, sometimes I knit alot of socks. The upside is that I love the berrocco ultra fine, and it’s relatively inexpensive!

      • I have SO MANY things in my head that I want to knit, and SO MUCH yarn that I have been working hard to knit from stash and not by more (it is OK to spin more, though, lol) and the end result is a lack of sock yarn. So I am making myself work on all the sweater quantities first before indulging in all the pretty sock yarn. I can get so lost in socks that I never come up for air. This seems to be working, I am waiting to May 1 to cast on my next sock…

    • Thank you! But if you look at the right side you’ll see two big blank spots, and if you look a bit more closely you’ll see the cable twists all out of balance! My husband saw it right away, and his eyes tend to unfocus when o talk about knitting, or make him look at it! He is my barometer for living with or fixing a mistake, lol.

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