And the days go by….

Some fast, some slow, but go they do.

There has been a prom, pics of which I can’t find,  a vacation, me dying my hair purple, a graduation, annoying car troubles, and every day things.

This bath tub was beautiful!  My baby sister on the left, me on the right.

I cried like a baby.

One of the things I did on vacation was collect shells, with the thought of making stitch markers.

Here are the shells I collected, and didn’t break drilling holes.  I bought several kinds of jump rings, but like the split rings the best, so far.

The first picture that has actual knitting is a shawl, whose name escapes me.  The second pic shows a stitch marker I made in use on the beginnings of the Lightweight pullover I started last night.  I’m thinking of making up some stitch marker sets and trying to sell them.  What do you all think of That?  Now that I know this will work I plan on using sea glass I collected in Maine a few years ago and doing the same.

Hopefully the annoying car troubles will be rectified soon.  I’m trying to buy a new car, with my mom’s help, since I have no credit.  Being a stay at home mom for years destroyed my credit, and I’m trying to fix that, and get a car I can actually depend on, without having to spend hundreds of dollars to keep the thing running.  

My last sunrise in nags head last month.

Seriously, feed back on this stitch marker thing woukd be awesome!!

Happy day, 



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