*gasp* a real post!

First, my new car.  Her name is Marilyn and I live her!  She is a 2017 Hyundai accent, in classic black.  And my daughter, Katie, for her learner’s permit yesterday.  Lucky kid gets to learn how to drive in a brand new car.  

The current projects, which I have to admit are a little boring right now, and frustrating.

A worsted 10 stitch blanket.  All wool scraps, and kind of fun, except when it’s hot out.

My lightweight pullover.  Not at all boring, but damn, am I pissed.  That adorable puppy is very lucky he’s cute.  That’s all I can say without steam coming out of my ears.

The owl socks for my sister.  Yup, blame the darn puppy.  Those two are really frustrating because they have become work.  I hate untangling yarn. Hopefully he outgrows this soon.

My other project is packed in the car, as I’m going to the cabin for the day and will need some good, simple porch knitting that’s not going to sit heavy in my lap.

Happy day,



7 thoughts on “*gasp* a real post!

  1. shellssells says:

    Oh man, I’d have a terrible time allowing my kid to learn in a brand new car. More power to you! I have a coworker with a slightly earlier model of the same car and she absolutely loves it. How exciting, congrats!

    • I’m having a stroke letting her learn in a brand new car! Already told her if she hits anything I will scream, yell, be angry, ground her for life, but ultimately, it’s crazy insured and can be fixed or replaced. Then I made it clear that would never happen, lol. The other car she can learn in is stick, so I feel she should be able to actually drive before I throw her on a manual transmission.

  2. congrats on the new car! Al that worrying for naught. 🙂 Sorry about the puppy doing his knitting thing. Have you found slipped stitches blog yet? She has a dog who loves wool…

  3. Oh no on the puppy naughtiness but the yarn for the pullover looks delicious! How could the puppy help itself with all that pretty yarn? Ha! I am itching to do some knitting myself (make another hat of the one pattern I know) but it is so warm I cannot bring myself to pull out the fibers! Congrats on the new car.

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