Too busy…

Life has been very hectic and unbalanced for me lately. So mich busyness and so little time for myself.

About a month ago we had to put one of our horses down, which was heartbreaking. I cried for days, and then cried more for my Katie, who loved this horse more than anything. He had been injured in the fall, with infection spreading into his elbow joint. We trailered him to New Bolton equine hospital (one of the best, it’s where Barbaro was after breaking his leg), where they blasted him with antibiotics and cleared the infection. He was recovering really well, walking well, and we were planning his first easy ride. Suddenly, the limp was back, but different. The vet came out and took some x-rays; worst news ever….new bone growth was fusing the joint together and he was slowly and painfully losing all mobility in that leg. There was absolutely nothing we could do.

This is the art I commissioned for my daughter of her and Joey. He has left a huge hole, both in the barn and in my heart.

One week later this happened;

My younger son joined the army. Officially on my birthday. We had 10 days with him before he shipped out for basic training. I still can’t wrap my head around this, and miss him horribly. I’m still crying 10 times a day over him being gone, then feel so selfish, because he not chased, but caught his star. I feel such fierce pride in him, but damn, I miss him. We have always been so close, and to have no time to prepare for him being gone has left me reeling, unfocused, heartbroken. I have a message from him saying he arrived at his base safely, and I’d have a letter in a couple of weeks. I am not handling this very well at all.

The day we took him to the recruiter, the day before he shipped out, I started knitting this:

Its a simple triangle shawl, pulled from my imagination, with a simple cable spine. Just enough to keep my mind a tiny bit distracted, but not so much that o can’t comprehend what I’m doing. He left a week ago, and I’m not getting very far. Usually my knitting helps me focus, but I can’t just yet. A few rows at a time, I guess.

I’ve also joined the gym, and am going 5 times a week, mostly because I don’t think when I’m working out and plugged into my headphones. I’ve been wanting to do this for myself to awhile and finally have.

Happy day,



wow, I really did go ghost!

and I totally plan to rectify that! I’m not sure what, exactly, has had me so damn busy, but I was practically going past myself! Lets see, life has been busy, a flurry of dentist and doctor visits for the kids, work, as always, the dogs, stolen moments in which to knit.

October found me with a horse that received such a mighty kick that he is still recovering, after a nearly week long stay at New Bolton equine hospital. It’s a long road ahead, but he’s gone miles. Everyone else is just dandy!

I have been knitting in short little bursts, not getting much of anything accomplished. That’s ok, though, progress gained is progress! I did knit this the other day, and gifted it to a young mom for her daughter.

Super bulky yarn, size 13 needles, and just a simple sock, but biggered. I love the way it looks. these really are not great pictures. I think I spent a total of 6 hours on this (sshhhh, don’t tell, but I knit the entire thing at work, mostly on Saturday while it poured down rain all day!). Can not wait to get several different colors to make more.

That’s all I’ve got right now, folks. Life should slow down for me in the next few days and I’ll have time to visit.

happy day,



gone ghost

that’s right…I’ve totally gone ghost. I haven’t meant to, but sometimes life just gets stupid busy.

We had our rodeo, which was a success.

My daughter Chloe on my favorite horse, rio, during opening ceremony.

I’m doing a test knit for Dream in Color yarn. Love the yarn, the pattern isn’t so much a favorite, but everything is pretty.

Happy day,



*gasp* a real post!

First, my new car.  Her name is Marilyn and I live her!  She is a 2017 Hyundai accent, in classic black.  And my daughter, Katie, for her learner’s permit yesterday.  Lucky kid gets to learn how to drive in a brand new car.  

The current projects, which I have to admit are a little boring right now, and frustrating.

A worsted 10 stitch blanket.  All wool scraps, and kind of fun, except when it’s hot out.

My lightweight pullover.  Not at all boring, but damn, am I pissed.  That adorable puppy is very lucky he’s cute.  That’s all I can say without steam coming out of my ears.

The owl socks for my sister.  Yup, blame the darn puppy.  Those two are really frustrating because they have become work.  I hate untangling yarn. Hopefully he outgrows this soon.

My other project is packed in the car, as I’m going to the cabin for the day and will need some good, simple porch knitting that’s not going to sit heavy in my lap.

Happy day,



And here is the rest

These are the socks I’m working on now, for my sister.  Who, by the way, has feet mich bigger than mine!  I have almost two more inches to go on these plain, boring stockinette feet before I can start toe decreases.  I will never again do plain, not patterned all the way through the foot, socks.  There is nothing to hold my interest, at all.  But they are pretty, and she will love them.

Happy day,



I am a bundle of nerves

Yup, that’s my current state of being. I mentioned, briefly, the other day, that my mom is co signing a car loan for me.  I am hoping to find out today if it is a go.

I habe no credit to speak of, having stayed at home with my kids for years, then working very part time for a number of years,  I had zero bills, nothing in my name, because I had little to no income.  Sadly, a few small utility bills for a few years do not build credit sufficiently.  Enter mom.

Several years ago she had her identity stolen, and got Lifelock, which has given her tremendous peace of mind.  She has had to jump through multiple hoops to unlock her credit reports, with the help of my sister who lives much closer to mom than I do.

So today, she has everything together and is ready for is to go shopping, but is waiting on the car dealer to get back to her with a positive answer.  Grrrr…..I feel nauseous, can’t relax, I’m so worried we will be denied for some reason.

That would be terrible.  I haven’t had my own car in months, been sharing with my 18 year old son, which sucks.  Sorry, no other way to put it nicely.  I can’t afford to keep paying hundreds of dollars every two months to fix all that is wrong with his car., i also decided I wasn’t paying almost 3000$ for a rebuilt engine installation in my car, which has been parked since the end of November,  because the head went, or is going.  Either way, not putting any more cash into that paarticular money pit.   

This is all kind of funny, really, because I have NEVER in my life wanted a new car, or the payment that goes with it.  I need peace of mind, though,  need to k ow if I turn the key, the car will stary, go where I need it to without fail or drama.  And if the damn thing breaks I just make a phone call and it’s taken care of.

So, here I sit, sipping coffee, trying to knit on some socks for my sister, waiting.  Have I ever mentioned I am the world’s worst waiter?  Thus feeling sick to my stomach.  I do a round on my socks and jump up to redo some simple mindless chore, that I’ve already done TWICE this morning!!  Vross your finger for me, please, that we hear sooner rather than later.  Mom is off to play tennis for a bit,  meaning we’re hoping she has a call from the dealer whole she was out.  Hopefully I can show you all pictures of my pretty new car later today.