A long while!!  First the puppies kept me busy, then life just happens and things just get away from me.  Work is getting busier with the warmer weather, and things like training and bathing the horses, cleaning trails and fields; just generally gearing up for our busy season as we slog through mud season.  Add to that that I have managed to mysteriously destroy my right shoulder somehow and it’s easy to let things go.  

Last week had me at the orthopedic with pain in my shoulder.  I do have a little arthritis, and a tiny bone spur, but that’s not what’s bothering me.  Nope….i have a rotator cuff injury.  Most likely a small tear.  Oh joy!  A cortisone shot, 2 Aleve twice a day and physical therapy for two weeks, then back to the doctor to see where I am pain wise.  I can tell you now, not great….i have been very limited with motion in my right arm and it hurts, pretty much all the time.  I am allowed to work for now, and even ride, as long as I don’t use that arm; I have to keep it against my body.  Not an easy thong to do working with horses!!  My first therapy appointment is this afternoon, I am not anticipating much fun.

But, I have been knitting!  I’m also allowed to knit,  thank god!, or I’d be going insane!  Finished a dragonfly sock, and nearly thought the leg on the second.  I would love to show you a picture, but none of them are uploading.  Grrrrr.

I’ve also been working on my reversible cable rib wrap.  Which I also can’t show you today.  I’ve been so happy with this knit…..until last night.   Last night I noticed I totally bothered up the cable sequence, badly.  I miscounted somewhere and now have a gaping hole of plain kribbing, for like, a mile.  I’m not sure I can add a lifeline and save it.  It will be going into time out for a little while until I can look at it without wanting to stab myself with the needles.  This has been a very long knit, bit an enjoyable one.  Perhaps the yarn is unhappy in this pattern?  Maybe I’m getting bored with it?  I didn’t think so, but maybe.  In the meantime I’m going to start the twisted shawl by Andrea Hilton.

My knitting has been taking a beating, two weeks ago Loki,  that adorable puppy (whose picture I can’t show you right now), pulled my boneyard/grain shawl right off the needles.  ( basically I was combing the two patterns, making eyelets instead of a ridge).  I could not recover that one at all.  And now this huge mistake in the cables rib wrap.  At least I’ve learned to roll with the punches when it comes to these things!

Happy day,


So it’s been awhile



Testing4 5 6


I made a sweater for my older daughter for Christmas. I was excited that she asked for one, very surprised, but thrilled, since she usually gives whatever knitting I show her a passing glance and says, “pretty”. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less, you can see the disinterest all over her as she says it. The sweater she asked for was a cardi, (dark purple, three-quarter sleeves, a little short in the body, to look cute, with one button), was born in a wool shop in Lubec, Maine, where we vacationed this past summer.

I was excited, thrilled, euphoric and must have asked her about fifty times, “are you sure? you really want me to knit you a sweater?” The answer, every time, was a very definite “YES!” I went back to that wool shop (there wasn’t much to do in that pretty and tiny town) and found some beautiful Green Mountain Spinnery wool in a rich purple, slightly heathery shade. I bought 3 balls. I showed her those skeins and she loved the color, I’m sure she had an idea what they were for.

Fast forward a few weeks. I spent about an hour looking at patterns I thought would suit her taste and age, and narrowed it down to three cardis. I called her over to the computer and


. I began working on it while she was in school, soon realized I needed more wool and promptly ordered it. Then ordered some more. This cardi was garter stitch and just chewing up the wool, but was oh so pretty. I managed to finish it with hours to spare, and proudly wrapped it and tucked it lovingly under the tree.

Christmas morning, she has her little pile of gifts around her, and slowly, methodically opens each one. We open youngest to oldest and she loves to torment her older brothers by going slowly. She gets to the sweater, opens it, looks at it, and says “pretty”. The kiss of death from this child when it comes to knitted items. I was crushed. Asked her if she like it, “yeah” she says and takes it upstairs where it is lost in the bowels of her room until the other day, when she hands it to me and says, “you can pull that out and make something else mom, I don’t like it anymore.” I could have cried, but I remained strong and took it from her, putting it in my work basket of future projects.


    That’s the sweater, so cute, exactly what she asked for, and now she hates it. I’m just glad I never sewed the button on, that may have sent me over the edge. Soon I will rip that sweater out and make a cowl for a friend of the family, who loves dark purple and did something wonderful for my kids at Christmas time. She doesn’t know it’s coming, so I hope she likes it. The pattern I plan to use is here: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/L30096.html?noImages=

    In other news, the pi shawl is finished and blocked.

    happy day,

frog pond



this is Freddie, the pony I have been wanting to get on for 8 years now, and I finally did this afternoon. he is a little spitfire, great for leading around and looking cute, but not much else. if this picture actually shows up i’ll post some pictures of my current projects later on.

happy day,


test run


I don’t have much to write about this morning, I’m just at my desk enjoying a cup of white hot chocolate before I have to leave for work, but I want to try to blog a few times a week, so here I go!

I finished the sleeves for the sweater I’m working on, and that felt tremendous, and I am really really pleased that they are out of the way, since they are just reverse stockinette, while the rest of the sweater is cables. The cables are holding my interest and keeping me amused! They are also going fast, because I have learned to cable without a cable needle. that little piece of engineering madness made me all thumbs and deadly slow making cables. my darling little cat, adso (that’s his name, not a misspelled word) spent a bit of time sleeping under the sweater back yesterday while I was working on that. I promise, that was really cute, but for some reason I can not get pictures from my phone into my blog, I will have to figure that out. Or I’ll have to drag out the big camera and take a bunch of pics, it is warmer out, but we have rain forecast for the next few days and I don’t like getting wet.

I’ve been neglecting my pi shawl in favor of the sweater for the last few days. I have less than 5 pattern sets to go, but they will be eternal. Each round is taking a half hour to count through, while the sweater is just growing constantly at this stage.

I hope all of you have a great day, now I get to go and play with horses for the day, and see one of my favorite kids that I’ve watched grow up over the last nine years and hear all about how she’s going to college in the fall. Where does the time go?

happy day,


off the cuff


I have just finished the fifth project, of nine, I’ve had on the needles for the last month (why, yes, I had a serious case of startitis). this particular project is a baby afghan, and I find I really don’t like doing baby projects anymore. I did want to post a picture, but can not for the life of me figure out how to get it on here, so another day soon, when I have more time to explore.

so, back to that ball of beautiful and temperamental lace wool that we left sitting on my mantle. it began whispering to me that it wanted to be a pi shawl, which I had read about in a blog (again, I don’t know how to link to it, so that will also have to come later). on a pattern search I went. I found a beautiful pattern, on http://www.yarn.com, by bonnie sennott, called “firmaments lace shawl”. I fell completely in love!! I think the yarn did, too, as it has not once decided to jump for its life off of my needles. oh bliss, oh joy, oh mind numbing counting, but you know what, I love it, I am thrilled with its progress, even when I do lose the ability to count in any sensical kind of way. it’s almost finished, and I can’t wait to see what it will look like all round instead of bunched up on those size 3 circulars. hopefully by then I will be able to post a picture of it.

I do still have a cabled sweater in the works, which I am really enjoying. I am making that in red heart super saver, because I am so afraid I will do something wrong that I didn’t want to have to rip out more expensive wool, so I am considering this my practice sweater. if I like it i’ll invest in some drool worthy wool, and if I don’t I have something warm for work in the winter that didn’t make me anxious when I think about the cost. a win either way.

there are also two pairs of socks lurking in the back ground, that I keep in my truck and work on while waiting for the kids busses in the morning and afternoons. I am quickly becoming obsessed with making socks, born I think from my desperate attempt to stay warm while working in the frigid temperatures we’ve had here in the Pocono Mountains all winter.

that’s all for today, I had more I wanted to say, but can’t actually remember what that might have been right now.

what projects have frustrated or captured your imagination?

happy day!

another one down